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Please call orders in by Monday for Weekend pick up- 

 Weekday orders require 48 hours notice, however DURING SUMMER MONTHS AND HOLIDAYS we do book up so we advise you to call at least 2 weeks ahead!

Cupcakes  $35.00/doz (Dozen order minimum)

MiniCupcakes   $15.00/dozen (2 doz order minimum per flavor) 

Cake Pops Start at $2.75 - Custom designs please call for quote..(please give 5-7 days for specialty characters or large orders)

Chocolate Dipped Oreos- $18.99/Doz

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels-$18.99/Doz

Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispy Treats $19.99/doz

PIES (Holidays only)


PUMPKIN  ~  APPLE  ~ $25


Cookie Platters

~As featured in South County Life 

Chocolate Chip

Double Chocolate

Oatmeal Raisin


Gingerbread (seasonal)

Peanut Butter




Build your own Cookie Platter

Mix and Match $1/COOKIE


Just heat and serve with our signature frostings!


Mini Muffin & Scone Platters

Small- Approx 25 - $30.00

Large-Approx 50- $60.00

Brownie Bite Platters

Approx35 pieces  $30

Pumpkin & Banana Bread Loaves

w/Cinnamon Glaze  $20

Cookie Cakes!!!

Our Chocolate Chip or Double ChocolateCookies baked to perfection! 

8" Round - serves 8-16        $24.99

9" Round- serves 12-20       $28.99

10" Round- serves 20-25     $32.99

Our cakes are designed especially for you! Our custom designed fondant cakes are are priced per serving and vary by the level of design work.. please call for a quote!

Our line of "classic" style birthday/celebration cakes offer an affordable price with our signature style...

Choice of standard 2-layer cake with buttercream frosting- 3 layer cakes are availabe upon request!


6" round (serves 6-8 $40)

8" round (serves up to 12-15 $50)

9" round (serves up to 20-25- $75)

10"round (serves up to 30-35 $100)

Specialty flavors and fillings additional

Sheet cakes and many additional pan shapes and sizes are available.. call for pricing!

Beautifully packaged gifts available! We have gifts ready to go at our store or call to customize!

Please email or call

401-932-9473 for questions or quotes!

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